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TF MASTER-A The ingenious way of folding documents – from DIN A6 to DIN A3

The TF MASTER-A is the professional help in your office or in the mail room for folding documents easy, fast and accurately. You will be convinced of the variety of applications, the user friendly handling as well as of the time saving! No matter which type of fold , the TF MASTER-A will process them in a perfect quality. Without any knowledge, the adjustment is done automatically, just by pushing a button (the fold types displayed with symbols). The adjustment of the various document sizes, weights and qualities is done automatically by the TF MASTER-A.

Technical data:

• Formats from DIN A6 to A3 with automatically adjustment of the selected fold types

• Various fold types (Single, Z, wrap, double parallel, door and engineering fold)

• Variable speed up to 10.000 sheets (for single fold) / hour

• Document capacity of max. 400 sheets (for 80 g documents)

• Automatic feeding, Automatic recognition of the paper format (for DIN A formats) Automatic adjustment of the fold types (motor driven)

• Paper out“ and double sheet prevention

• Paper weight 50 – 150 g/m2 ,

• Job counter and precounter

• Clean stacking with a conveyor belt

• Dimensions: 870 x 530 x 520 mm,

• Weight: 33 kg


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