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Horizon QC-S1000

Color LCD touchscreen provides user-friendly operation. Speed and expandability assure effi cient production.

Efficient Programming Functions – Double Cycle:This feature increases the productivity and operator efficiency with nonstop production and it gives ample time for bin reloading. When any bin in the first section empties, the feeding switches over to the second section and continues collating.

Energy-Saving Function – 90% Power Savings – For energy savings, the QC-S1000 is equipped with the Energy-Saving Function. When the collator is inactive for a certain period of time, 90% of the power can be saved compared to the power consumption during operation.

Intuitive Operation with Color LCD Touchscreen – The QC-S1000 is equipped with a 5.7 inch color LCD touchscreen. Operation and program settings can be done through the touchscreen. In addition, superior usability is ensured with the navigation function and the troubleshooting screen to monitor the operating procedure and to find the cause of any problems.

Please check the specifications: qcs1000_e

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