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Gaoke Automatic High Speed Window Patching Machine

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Introduction of the machine 

GK-1080T Window Patching Machine is widely used in the film patching to be package with or without the window of the wine box .gift box. napkin box. cosmetic box etc. It can also realize the function of the paper gluing ,film patching ,film cutting and paper collection before folding boxes.
The machine has passed the ISO9001 Quality System Certificate and conform the European CE safety standard.
The choose able structure: Window with intermittent slit

1080T Parameters

Specification of the machine
Model                GK-1080T
Max. Paper Size(mm)  1080*650
Min. Paper Size(mm)  140*140
Max. Film Size(mm)   410*300
Min. Film Size(mm)   80*60
Film Thickness(mm)    0.05-0.20
Max. Working Speed8000-10000s/h
Corrugated Paper≤7mm
Total Power9kw
Total Weight3000kg
Overall Dimensions(mm)5000*1960*1750
(When the roller pull out)5000*3160*1750
Packaging dimensions (m)3.1*2.1*2.2m
Net weight (kg)4000kg
Gross weight (kg)5000kg

1080T Features introduction

Paper Feeding Section

The paper feeder parts is controller by the servo motor, the paper pile make
the intermittent movement in the process of the paper feeding, 
the belts operate long life ,process the paper products to the conveying parts steady and orderly.

Perfect for the cardboard and corrugated

Conveying Section

Double paper servo control  

The paper conveying parts installed the four  conveying chains with the four pushing blocks,
it can be adjusted according to the paper shape. It is equipped with the 4 photo sensor,
detect the paper reaching condition, counting , paper jammed detection

Gluing Section

The gluing parts adopt the adjustable parts gluing structure ,
it is convenient for adjustable according to the paperrequirement and the gluing position ,
save the gluing quantity,it is easy for pulling out the gluing parts ,convenient for washing. 
The gluing roller stopped the gluing when stopped the machine. 
And the conveying parts droppedautomatically,
the gluing is not easy to print on the conveyor belts.

Film cutting Section

The upper roller is the film cutting roller with the two blade ,
one the upper blade ,the other is the lower blade, finishing the cutting of the film

The below roller is the suction roller ,the film is patched on the suction roller

Paper collection section 

The patching products conveying to the paper delivery plate, 
finish the paper accumulation and collection Paper delivery parts can be adjust single.

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